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Despite the pandemic and ongoing border closures, demand for luxury penthouse condo Singapore has proven firm, with numerous transactions happen this year. Singapore is among the top property investment destination along with London, Hong Kong, and New York. The buyers profile of Singapore penthouse are the ultra high network individual from Asia, Europe, Australia, America, African, and many more. IT tycoon such as co-founder of Alibaba and Facebook are example of the proud owner of Singapore luxurious penthouse unit. Singapore Luxury penthouse for sale is located at the top of condominium unit which usually offers priceless unblock view overlooking Singapore city skyline. Some offers 360 degrees view as there is only 1 unit of penthouse at 1 level. Many Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) overseas people looking for luxury penthouse condo Singapore. Below listed penthouses are the top Singapore luxury penthouses. To know more about penthouses please contact us.

Ritz Carlton Residences

Ritz Carlton Residences


Marina One Residences

V on Shenton

V On Shenton

Hamilton Scotts

Reignwood Hamilton Scotts


Eden Residences Capitol

Reflections At Keppel Bay

Reflections At Keppel Bay

Amber Park


Klimt At Cairnhill

Klimt At Cairnhill


Nouvel 18

Midtown Modern

Midtown Modern

line at tanjong rhu

The Line At Tanjong Rhu


Marina Collections

Sky Everton

Sky Everton


One Bernam


Park Nova

Irwell Hill Residences

Irwell Hill Residences


Bishopsgate Residences

One Shenton

One shenton



Benefits of a luxury penthouse

Extra space and perks: luxury Penthouse condos are synonymous with luxury and indulgence, and if you’ve worked hard all your life to be successful, buy luxury penthouse Singapore is a nice way to reward yourself with an upgraded style of living. The high-end kitchen you find in a penthouse, for example, may not be available anywhere else in the building you’re looking at. And in some cases, buying a penthouse means getting a duplex apartment, which makes it easier to spread out as a family.

Peace and quiet: luxury Penthouse condo Singapore that are located on the top floor of a building offer one thing it’s hard to find in a city: less noise. When you live on the top floor, you don’t have to worry about the sound of upstairs neighbors stomping around overhead at all hours of the night.

Spectacular views: Again, this perk assumes we’re talking about the classic penthouse for luxury property setup – a top-floor unit. But if that’s the case, living in a penthouse could mean being privy to spectacular views on a regular basis.

Outdoor access: When you live in an apartment building, snagging your own private outdoor space can be challenging. Penthouse apartments often come with an outdoor component, which makes life less claustrophobic.


Facilities offered in luxurious penthouse Singapore

As penthouse for luxury property are marketed to the wealthy and opulent, the marketing pitch generally focuses on the best-in-class amenities and facilities available – fancy indoor fittings, high-tech command devises and aesthetically pleasing overalls. However, since High net worth penthouse condo Singapore all boils down to space in real estate, all efforts are made, to not only provide a large unit but also a unit that looks opulent. This is why a penthouse would have an open terrace exclusive to the owner. Unlike a regular unit, the ceiling in a penthouse is also much higher in a penthouse. More importantly, a luxury penthouse condo Singapore has a different layout plan that provides it exclusive reach to amenities like the gymnasium, swimming pools, etc., with the help of private elevators. These units are designed specially, to cater to specific types of home buyers, who are willing to pay premium prices for procuring that ultra-luxury space and the state-of-art features associated with it.


Penthouse price range in Singapore

Luxury Penthouse apartments are considered to be at the top of their markets and are generally the most expensive, with expansive views, large living spaces, and top-of-the-line amenities. Accordingly, they are often associated with a luxury lifestyle. The prices for penthouses in Singapore will vary greatly depending on where they are located. 

High-end penthouses that are located in hotspots such as Wallich Residence, can go up to $4,900 per square foot (psf). The Seafront on Mayer is a middle-tier penthouse that is selling for approximately $2,199 psf. High net worth luxury penthouses such as Marina one residences, V on Shenton, Reignwood Hamilton Scotts, Ritz Carlton, Eden Residences Capitol etc.. are available penthouses for sale in Singapore.


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